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Getting messaging right for health sector marketing campaigns

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

It can be tricky getting a launch, relaunch or educational campaign right. It’s often brand new information and there is a lot for the intended audience to take in – how do you make sure that what you have to say hits home?

For us, there are three main elements:

  • Clarity of messaging - what we say needs to be clear and appropriately concise

  • Complete messaging - we must include the facts, the benefits and the ‘so what’s’ to tell the whole story

  • Consistency of messaging - make sure that we are saying the same things across all campaign assets and make sure the volume is turned up to 11

This is why we recommend the development of a messaging house at the outset of every campaign that we work on. This is a functional document that, done properly, should be able to be picked up by anyone involved in a campaign and provide them with wording that they can use for any asset being produced. It is a comprehensive collection of everything we might want to say as part of the campaign, neatly organised and presented as discrete statements that can be used stand-alone or together, as needed.

It can be a big task to distil all the information we have, categorise it, link the appropriate communication concepts, draft descriptive messaging statements and then wordsmith the commercial hero messages that communicate the product F&Bs and subsequent end user benefits as clearly and concisely as possible.

That upfront investment pays off in spades later on though, as it makes delivering any draft copy required quick, easy and consistent across the entire campaign. That’s because all the careful thought about how the various packets of information link, what language we use and how we explain difficult technical concepts appropriately for the audience in question has already been done.

Sometimes we collect the initial information we need to develop the messaging house via a messaging workshop – in this case, the hats were instrumental (and had NOTHING to do with making people look a bit silly ;-) )!

Organised messaging isn’t just the reserve of the big campaigns either. A simple ad series or set of marketing materials can benefit from this process too. Get the messaging right and the rest flows with ease.


Whatever size campaign you have planned – can we help streamline it by shaping your messaging? Get in touch:

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