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Our background in clinical practice, PR, marketing and copywriting is unique, giving us invaluable insight into the world of animal health. We understand the pressures facing the veterinary industry, the changing face of pet ownership and the impact this has on how you need to reach your audiences and fulfil your commercial objectives.


We purposefully keep our team small and work as one to give you the best results. We know we have different skill sets, and we know how to maximise them for our clients' benefit.

Who we are

We are medical professionals, we are strategists, we are copywriters, we are detail orientated and we set out to follow our passion…We are Roar Content.

Meet The Core Team

Emily Folwell MRCVS
Director, strategist and copywriter

Emily started her professional life as a small animal vet but always had a strong interest in the psychology behind behaviour change. Yes, this was useful in practice but could be taken further with a move into PR and marketing comms. Here she rapidly scaled the ranks of a large integrated health comms agency but her true passion lay in using words and language strategically! She thinks quickly on her feet, is super organised and also has an affinity for numbers (and results!). Outside of Roar she enjoys activities such as baking, cycling and being Mum to her two lovely children.

Sarah Springthorpe MRCVS
Director, inquirist and copywriter

Sarah’s experience as a vet in equine veterinary practice was great training for effective problem solving and asking the REAL questions. Her skill saw her successfully managing multiple large animal health accounts in a PR/marketing agency setting and Sarah (being Sarah!) soon realised that copy could just be done better. Detail orientated, she’s quick to spot (and therefore avoid!) potential roadblocks from afar. When she’s not mumming her two beautiful children or working on the family’s latest building renovation project, she’s on (or wants to be on!) horseback. 

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While a senior team member will always be your point of contact for maximum consistency, we do bring in experts and specialised resource as required. Whether it’s a specialist medical professional to support with specific content or insight, or social gurus or designers…we have a network of the best people to make your copy fly.

Want to know more?

We'd love to hear from you so get in touch for a chat about your needs...

Emily - 07759097652

Sarah - 07547193222

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